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How we do it

Energy Healing

We serve as a catalyst to help you create the change you want to manifest in your life.

Discovery Session

Not sure where to start?
Come in to Discover more about you and how we can help you thrive.
In your discovery session we’ll address current challenges, needs, and self-care goals.

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils, extracted from plants. These oils are used in accordance with the sense of smell and the interaction with the physical body to access physiological and psychological relief from dis-ease.

Aura Imaging

Measure your aura health and color, also your Chakra strength, emotion and energy levels. You’ll receive your aura image and a 14 page report.

Thrive Tribe Rhode Island Alysia Ross from Performing Reiki on the Third Eye and Crown Chakra


A healing energy for stress reduction and relaxation. Reiki is a simple and safe Japanese technique that helps cleanse, balance, and restore physical and emotional well-being.


Soul-level healing via the Akashic Records wisdom. Discover more information about the nature of your soul, while energetically clearing blocks and restrictions that have prevented you from aligning to your divine self.

Seraphim Blueprint Healing

Seraphim Blueprint is a system of healing energy that helps connect one with divine consciousness through Seraphim, the highest level of angelic realms. It promotes physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and well-being.

Story About Us

We are a community of holistic practitioners that promotes self-care, collaboration, and empowerment. We strive to create a healing environment for all. Our focus is to help integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. We do this through one on one services such as Reiki, meditations, and workshops.

The Elementals


Primary or basic. related to or embodying the powers of nature.

4Life Transfer Factor

Immune system support through Transferceutical Science, which encompasses the research and development of products that educate the immune system to recognize, respond to, and remember potential threats.

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Essential Oils

Naturally extracted oils from nature’s elements to support healing through the senses of scent, taste, and touch.

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Our bodies are energy beings. Through the energetic healing power of crystals, we can align to our true selves.

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Because . . .

Everything is energy. We send and receive energy throughout our days, often without thinking about what we have collected along the way. All energy is received by our body and processed through our chakras. Negative energy can block and drain our life force, leaving us feeling depleted. Energy healing opens us to receiving positive energy, allowing us to feel balanced and uplifted.

Benefits of Energy Healing…

PHYSICAL: Balanced immune system, better sleep, reduce aches and pain.

MENTAL: Clarity, focus, reduced stress, and release negative thoughts.

EMOTIONAL: Healthy relationship with self and others, peace, and calmness.

SPIRITUAL: Awaken intuition, connect with your Higher power, feel guided and supported through your spiritual growth.


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  • I’m so glad to have connected with Jessica, Jackie, and Alysia of Thrive Tribe. I have found that the Reiki Share events have provided me with a true sense of community amongst other kind practitioners and individuals. The safe, supportive and open-minded space provided by Thrive Tribe feels like home!

    Jacquelyn Smith
    RN of Lotus Tree Holistic Healing
  • I had Reiki session last week at Thrive Tribe. This was an experience like no other I have felt before. The release of burdens, clarity in thoughts and new outlook on life; is what I felt at the end of my session. The warm welcoming and sense of security with my emotional rollercoaster is what has me excited to return. Thank you, Alysia. Can’t wait to see you again!!!

    Margie La Roche
  • Working with Jess has been a life-changing experience for me. She has guided me to understand more about my life’s purpose and has helped me to become more in tune to spirit, myself and the world around me. My sessions with her are not only relaxing and healing but extremely enlightening. She is truly gifted in her ability to listen to spirit and translate in a way that I can understand and also look further into. I am always so interested in what new modalities she has to share! She is always growing and learning new things and I am truly grateful to be able to work with her so frequently and be a recipient of her wonderful gift.

  • Truly, there’s no way for me to precisely word the effects Jess has had on my existence. With that being said, I’m gonna focus on feel. As a person who is keen on aesthetics and already intuitively spiritual, I struggle with approaching the overall presentation of most spiritual practitioners. You have an innate way of making me comfortable about the unknown – this trait has been invaluable in opening myself to simply feel, as opposed to any other sense the logical mind tries to chase. Some things I just don’t care to simplify into words, partly due to your patience and superior ability to clarify, and also because I can actually feel the spaces you aid me in getting to. The spiritual path is an everlasting one, it’s truly been a pleasure to feel home and have such a wonderful liaison to help me grow and develop. You have a lifetime client, resource, and friend in me! Next step is to get everyone I know and love to get those chakras aligned! To infinity, and beyond.

  • I had the pleasure to enjoy a long distance Reiki session with Alysia. She started the session about 5 minutes after I started my meditation and from that time on I felt something so intense and wonderful like I have never felt before. It amazed me because I exactly felt when she joined in and I felt very connected to her. She shared so much light and love, it was unbelievable. My body was still shaking after the session I was was very calm, relaxed and happy.

    Anna Jost - Austria
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