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Thrive Tribe RI Practitioners: Jessica Xavier, Alysia Ross, Jacquelyn Smith, Jamie Lyn Bagley, John-Michael Diosa

About Us

Thrive Tribe RI is a healing center based in Rhode Island where individuals can heal through one-on-one services, unite in our community events, and thrive in our collaborative circle.

At Thrive Tribe RI we focus on creating authentic lifestyles. Our holistic practitioners are here to help others become more in-tune with their essence to create a lasting ripple effect of SELF-awareness, empowerment, and realization.

We aim to serve as catalysts for the integration of physical, spiritual, mental and emotional well-being.

Providing services like:
Reiki, Soul Realignment, Aromatherapy, Aura Imaging and more. Our services are geared towards creating a healing environment that is educational and community driven.

The tribe & beyond…

Thrive Tribe RI offers corporate events, company wellness events, groups and house parties, “Girls Night Out,” and more! Or sign up for a Reiki Share to get involved in our tribe.

Thrive Tribe RI is conveniently located in East Providence, 172 Taunton Ave across the street from city hall with nearby highway and bus line access.

Together we can UNITE, HEAL, THRIVE.

Contact us to learn more today!

We got you covered

from self-care to Community Care.

At Thrive Tribe we view the person as a whole and provide services that acknowledge the importance of self-care as well as being a part of a community that feels like home. Find your tribe, with Thrive Tribe RI.



Jessica Xavier, Reiki Master Teacher

Co-Creator of Thrive Tribe RI

Unique Essence:
Serving as a catalyst for the embodiment of the soul’s true essence.

Close-up of Alysia Ross, Reiki Master of Thrive Tribe Rhode Island

Alysia Ross, Reiki Master

Co-Creator of Thrive Tribe RI

Unique Essence:
Spiritual Light Warrior that can get the party going!

Close-up of Jacquelyn Smith, Reiki-Master, Holistic Practitioner Thrive Tribe Rhode Island

Jackie Smith, Reiki Master Teacher

Practitioner at Thrive Tribe RI

Unique Essence:
Heart-based healing through the blending of East, West and the Cosmos.

Close-up of Jamie Lyn Bagley Kundalini Yogi Thrive Tribe Rhode Island

Jamie Lyn Bagley, Kundalini Yogi

Practitioner at Thrive Tribe RI

Unique Essence:
I’m a vegetarian tiger…

Karla Pineda, Shamanic Healer

Practitioner at Thrive Tribe RI

Unique Essence:
I Am a Spiritual Enigma

Close-up of John-Michael Diosa, Reiki Practitioner of Thrive Tribe Rhode Island

John-Michael Diosa, Website Weaver

Practitioner at Thrive Tribe RI

Unique Essence:
Will heal for food

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