Se Habla Español
Se Habla Español

Date: Monday, November 11th @ 5PM

Divine Feminine Circle

November: Cacao Ceremony
In this month’s circle we will be in ceremony with cacao medicine while creating a collective altar.
The Cacao ceremony led by Iya Soro, is an invitation to connect to your higher self. Cacao has the ability to increase your connection to your inner self and your heart chakra, while assisting in the transformational shifts you are working towards. The intention is yours to set- simply allow the cacao to guide you into deeper insight and awareness to move towards your goal.
Altars are physical representations of what is meaningful to us and what we’d like to see in our lives. When we work on altars collectively, we connect with one another to help amplify and manifest our pure intentions.
Our circles are designed for women to create a conscious connection with themselves and other women. Gatherings are themed and may consist of intention setting, crystal work, meditation, oracle cards, and gentle energy work.
Space is limited. Registration required.
Value: $15
Please bring a yoga mat and canned good for donation.

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