Se Habla Español
Se Habla Español

Date: Sunday, October 20th @ 5PM

The Law of Attraction: Manifesting Your Divine Partner- How to work your magic to attract the love you have always dreamed of!

Have you been single a long time and wonder when you will have that dream relationship? Or have you been through relationship after relationship and are now ready for your Divine Partner to show up? Then this workshop is for YOU! Join us as we dive into the Law of Attraction to manifest Love into your life!

This workshop will incorporate teaching tools on the subject of manifestation as well as some experiential meditative practices you can do on your own as you continue working with the Law of Attraction Energies.

You may bring a crystal of your choice to work with during the meditation portion. If you do not have a crystal we will have some available for purchase.

Please bring a notebook and pen/pencil for writing notes and affirmations. You may also bring a blanket or warm sweater for comfort during our Manifestation Meditation.

Presented by Reiki Master, Karla Pineda.

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