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Se Habla Español

Date: Thursday, October 24th @ 6:30PM-8:30 PM

Join us for our first Monthly Manifesting with the Moon Class on Thursday, October 24th.

The New Moon will be in Scorpio on October 28th. Learn how to intend and work with the rhythms and cycles of nature in this Monthly New Moon Manifesting Class.

We will:

*Discover how to use your rising sign and Moon placement to map out your own wheel of natural energies. Tapping into those energies allows one to access and manifest faster than “going against the outside rhythms of where we naturally are. This technique will help you learn how to expend less energy and time in going after your dreams or just aligning to be in flow. If you don’t know your rising sign, I will teach you how to find it in class if you have your exact birth time, date and location.

*Learn step by step the key to powerfully manifest, there is a system to this that must be in place to create and intend for yourself.

*Use ritual in a way to create the life you envision.

*Practice how to use our own internal guidance system through tarot/oracle cards and other teaching modalities I will share. These techniques will help lead the way to your dreams.

*Have fun, laugh and share encouragement to each other while we chart our course for what we desire.

Facilitated by Healer, Counselor and Metaphysician, Lynell Masterson.

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