Se Habla Español
Se Habla Español

Date: Saturday, January 25th @ 10AM-4PM

Quantum Reiki is the main channel where all other forms of Reiki are derived from. It is extremely powerful as it incorporates 5th dimensional energy.

In this course you will learn how to use life and light energy directly, without it first flowing through you. You will also learn about the chakras, the energy bodies, the elements (and how to use them) and more! ( as well as getting a healing out of it)

By the end you will know the differences between different types of energy healing as well as get a better understanding of how using different frequencies of energy can affect the body, mind and spirit. You will also be able to practice on yourself, loved ones, food, water and nature!

There will be a special practice on connecting to your higher self to have more guidance.

Quantum Reiki has the ability to bring everything to the surface to heal the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical body and so, building a connection and friendship with this energy is truly transformative.

Class facilitated by Chloe Moers, Reiki Master Teacher.

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