Se Habla Español
Se Habla Español

Date: Friday, March 20th @ 6:30PM

A celebration of balance on the journey through the Wheel of the Year.
Now the Sun & the Moon dance in harmonious rhythm, when the night & day have equal length, dark & light are in perfect equilibrium.

We invite participants to craft their very own sun catcher moon wreath for harmony, prosperity, & protection on the spring equinox. There will also be a discussion regarding the significance of unity consciousness during this astrological alignment as we will all add to a group wreath.

Unique locally sourced natural wreaths & a variety of crafting supplies will be provided but participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own sentimental items such as personalized mementos & charms, crystals to charge in the sun, feathers or flowers, anything they may want to add to adorn their wreaths with individuality.

Other crystals may be available for purchase at an additional cost which varies.

There will be instruction, socializing, & music throughout the event which should run 2 hours. At the end of the workshop we will set a group intention to infuse into the wreaths.

From her winter sleep Mother Earth is awoken.

Her cycle of nature, true & unbroken.

The promise of spring, for life a new start

fills all with faith in their mind & heart.

This perfect wheel of nature keeps spinning

with proof that an ending is just the beginning.

Rejoice in this season, may it fill you with peace

& may the blessing of nature for you never cease.