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April 2021

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Energy Healers

The Violet Ray
The Heart of the BioCharger

At the heart of the BioCharger is a solid state Tesla Coil. The Tesla Coil produces magnetic fields, electric fields (frequencies and harmonics), and high voltage. The magnetic field is emitted at the base of the BioCharger, and the electric field and high voltage are emitted at the top of the coil.

Nikola Tesla, was interested in therapeutic applications in the field of human health. At the time Tesla was experimenting with his Tesla coils, physicians were exploring the usage of electrical devices in the treatment of various ailments. It was within this environment that Tesla published in 1898 “High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes,” a paper that he submitted to the 8th annual meeting of the American Electro-Therapeutic Association [1]. In this paper, Tesla correctly concluded that “bodily tissues are condensers” or capacitors, and he felt that his coil treatment “was certainly beneficial.”

For some studies, Tesla experimented with a disruptive discharge coil he designed which was not quite the same as his classic Tesla coil design. However, this design was co-opted by many manufacturers who incorporated it as a power source for glass electrodes containing various noble gases. It became popularly known as a ‘violet ray device,’ because of the brilliant purple glow that emanated from argon gas vacuum tubes wired in series to these coils.

Dozens of different types of glass electrodes were manufactured for different uses, and built into violet ray device sets. These annealed glass tubes were constructed under low vacuum and filled with different noble gasses that became excited by the electrical output, to glow in different colors depending upon the gas used. For example, neon gas vacuum tubes glowed red. Electrified noble gases when pulsed become ionized or excited. This pulsing causes the electrons to move initially from lower energy orbital states to higher energy orbital states. Many researchers have stated that a wide variety of conditions or illnesses can be improved or cured by the use of these devices.

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