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February 2020

Views on Sacred Site Traveling

A good friend recently said to me: “Your soul wants to be close to the stars.” She was letting me know that I needed to reach a higher altitude, surrender to a higher perspective- and climb a few mountains. I found myself standing on the Rock of Mercy in the grotto of Mary Magdalene in Sainte-Baume, France. To quote Father Lacordaire, “The holy places are to the world what the stars are to the firmament, a source of light, warmth and life.”

In my very being, I felt this comfort, this light in the mountains of the sacred sights that I was blessed to visit. In Barcelona, it was an escape from the city to find ourselves seated on the stone steps of Mt. Tibidabo. The sun was shining on our faces and we sang out from our hearts over the land, in reverence for all those who came before us and all who will walk this Earth long after our souls have moved on.

The Benedictine monk mountain retreat of Montserrat in Catalonia was challenging on a physical and energetic level. I felt powerful, whole and free after exploring the mossy steps and caverns that seemed to endlessly climb into the sky. When we flew across the U.S. and drove in to the base city of Mt. Shasta, California, there was no denying that the mountain was very much alive. She felt like a mother; living, breathing, flowing, singing and watching over her children lovingly.

As snow fell upon our faces, and the Sacramento River danced at the base of Castle Crag, I felt a deep connection to the mountain and to the very Earth that she protects. While in Sedona, Arizona, I looked upwards at the twin spires of Cathedral rock and my body shook with emotion from the deepest parts of my being. As my tears fell onto the dry, red clay earth, a massive rain storm gathered over us, mirroring the unexpected yet incredible release and purification of this vortex.

In this desert land, nestled in a red rock valley with mountains standing as guardians in all directions, my soul fell in love with the stars all over again. Every sacred site brought a healing within, and it has become clear to me why these locations are revered by many of all cultures and creeds. Traveling to these sites has opened my heart to the energies of the land, to the beauty of intuition and to the wonder of the blanket of the night sky that shines with infinite bursts of light for all of us.

Written with love,
Jackie Smith

There’s a longing within us that goes beyond material possessions and successes. Sacred site travel helps connect us to answer the call of that longing. There is so much wisdom within us waiting to be tapped into. We’ve left bones in places that seek our soul’s memory. There are divine feminine and divine masculine energies to connect with and try on as we heal the wounds of ancestral traumas.

Traveling alone: “I got this!” Your personal sense of empowerment is built and you realize your strength and resiliency.

Traveling with soul family: “We hold space for one another.”

Practice using your intuition and become empowered by the results. Chat with the locals and other people you encounter – they have messages for you that can help inform your next move. Stay present to synchronicities.

Balance city travel with the natural world. Cities are infused with the energies of the people in them. Barcelona the city felt heavy, so heading out of the city into Montserrat and doing breath-of-fire at the high altitude to detoxify my lungs was a godsend.
Mountains connect us to our purity. Singing on mountains became a joyful way to show gratitude for being there.
Get out of the car and connect the physical body to grounding terrain. Who/what else made this trek before you?
Find the caves and explore inside of them. What questions do you have once you’re inside?
Get in the (natural body of) clean water – even if it’s frrrreezing! Immerse…and you may emerge with a new mantra or realization.

Take time to meditate and/or pray at the physical locations. You will make the most of the energies in these locations and bring yourself to higher vibrational states, which will help carry you through the rest of your journey.

Bring oracle cards! They’re fun and can help inform your journey!

Sacred site travel can be expressed as investment with invaluable intangible returns. It’s not about escaping mundane life – it’s about creating a sacred second childhood after waking up from a dream of lies and oppression – where locations are teachers and so are the people within them; where trees will listen and the sun and air will recharge us; where waters heal and share their secrets. Thus, the fire within our hearts will burn brighter with inspiration and understanding of who we are and why we’re here.

Written with love,
Jamie Lyn

In my perspective, sacred site travel is unique to one’s personal journey and guided by signs and synchronicities. The Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung said, “synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see.” Life has lead me to see awe inspiring places such as Teotihuacan, Mexico, Sedona, AZ, Stonehenge in England, Marseille, France, and Mount Shasta, CA to name a few. Each place has played a role in helping me activate and integrate aspects of my being. I felt inclined to share 3 insights that came through when thinking of my latest travels.

1. Look for the high places. Magic happens at high elevation sites. From pyramids to mountains- the energy experienced is unlike anything else. Open yourself up to it and allow it to fill you up with what’s in your highest good.

2. Feel and express gratitude for all of creation; all of it speaks to you. The purpose of this kind of travel is to receive new information, knowledge, and wisdom. Therefore, when gratitude is present for the entire experience, one is given access and receives the “passwords” for the downloads one needs to be in authentic harmony.

3. Faith. The origin of this word is connected to trust and strength. Some of my travels tested my faith and made me surrender to Divine will in ways I had never before. The sites in Spain and France had this theme of getting to really high places with no way back down. In fact, we heard the word impossible multiple times. Faith was the only antidote to the fear and uncertainty we felt and it was what helped us manifest the situations to get us back safely. Always have faith.

Travel is a wonderful way to expand consciousness and reclaim soul pieces. Your higher self knows the way – listen to it. Let yourself be guided to the scared sites that will remind you of your divinity and help activate your sovereignty.

Written with love,
Jessica Xavier

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