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February 2021

A Time for Stillness

The month of February provides our earth with a time to quietly rest. Under the blanket of frozen snow, Mother Earth patiently heals and nurtures the coming flora of Springtime. The cycles of the seasons serve as templates for our own inner journey on this Ascension path.

February invites us to rest deeply. It’s a time to be in the solitude of one’s own rich inner world. In this time of repose, we gain the strength to push through obstacles and rise up to the light of the sun. As we collectively nourish ourselves, we strengthen the light within and become beacons for our families, communities, and Planet Gaia herself.

This month we will be focusing on facilitating healing through our one-on-one Reiki, Spiritual Guidance and Intuitive Card reading sessions. We will continue to be accessible and of assistance to our community through social media.

May each day bring us closer to our truest essence and may we continue to walk each other home to this New Earth.

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