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Happy Tribe-uary! – February 2019

The Art of Collaboration

Harnessing your inner creativity doesn’t always happen in isolation. The way you are perceived by others can easily differ from the way that you perceive yourself. There is so much depth to each of us…
far more than we can humanly grasp.

When we immerse ourselves in a setting that allows us to connect with others, we experience mirroring. We may see another person and feel uncomfortable by different qualities that they may have. YET, the reality is that what we see in them is what we are soon to uncover within ourselves.

We Attract What We Are.

If we don’t give the world a chance if we don’t allow universal energy to flow through immersion, how do we get to discover ourselves?

There are people that we meet for a reason.
They teach us about ourselves without a formal introduction.
People are to show us our true essence and we must simply trust.

Technically, we could all stop our current lives, hike to the top of a mountain, and meditate to find ourselves.
As beautiful as that sounds, it’s unrealistic.
All we know of is the HERE and NOW.
The rest is a compilation of memories tied with our imagination.

We are in the body we have been waiting to learn more in.
And we are going to learn more when we learn that we are ALL ONE.
We have been broken apart to find ourselves in one another.

Which is why when you discover a time and place where like-minded individuals unite, you take that knowledge and GROW!
There is no mistake by the divine that you are reading this, know of a place you are welcome to discover yourself, and question life beyond what we know it to be.

The art of life is that we have the opportunity to create, as large groups, and to connect as a tribe.
With collaboration, we harness our essence and are able to, together, create a garden of different shapes, sizes, colors, energy, scents, tastes, and beauty.
As the garden has variations, as do our lives and the people in it.
Through our differences, we CREATE a new life force for the world to heal.

One Tribe At A Time.

2.22.17 marks the day Thrive Tribe RI came into existence, thank you for making our dream a reality!

– Written by Thrive Tribe RI Intern –
Harsha Ramchand