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January 2020

Hello 2020!

“The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”
– Bruce Lee

As 2019 draws to a close and we embark on a brand new decade full of possibility, we are presented with a pause for reflection. Looking back over the past 12 months provides us with the opportunity to witness our seeds coming to fruition, our goals becoming tangible, our transformation through the ups and downs. In this celebration of the passing of time, we are also reminded of the brief existence that we have here. How quickly it all goes by!

Our journey here is much shorter when counted in blessings and moments of joy. The simplicity and beauty of daily living are summed up in the timeless and inspiring words of Ram Dass, “Life is an incredible curriculum in which we live it richly and passionately as a way of awakening to the deepest truths of our being.”

Our time here is short and meant to be enjoyed as a school of life filled with the gifts of experience, inspiration, magic and miracles for all those seeking. With one last look back at 2019, a hand over a grateful heart, we thank this past year for the connections, the triumphs and the deepening of our soul lessons. As we stand at the threshold of 2020, a new sun is rising.

We feel this in the collective as a powerful shift towards Unity Consciousness and embodiment of Unconditional Love. Shedding the old paradigms, outdated patterns and heavy armor of our previous versions of ourselves, we begin 2020 with open minds, pure intentions, and hearts full of love for all living beings on Earth. The time has come to co-create Heaven on Earth.

This is our home and after all, “We are all just walking each other home.”-Ram Dass.

Written with love,
Jackie Smith

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