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January 2021

Happy Solstice☀️ & New Year 💚

Grateful for the people, places, things, and experiences along this 2020 journey. We’ve learned so much this year and feel deep responsibility to walk the way authentically for self and others.

For many, this year has served as a catalyst for awakening of their divinity. We invite you to step back and reflect on the profound teachings your soul is ready to integrate.

For us, it has been a journey of embodiment of our highest selves (no easy task). We’re sharing our own reflections on lessons that became “golden nuggets” of wisdom this year.

⚡Have a plan yet accept the unexpected. Non-attachment to outcome. Adaptability is a measure of growth. Focus on service. Sing.

⚡The best way up is to go in. Questions: What is essential? What makes me feel connected? How do we cultivate connections in creative ways?

⚡Healing with our ancestors and Mother nature. Facing fears with courage and love. The darkest places need the brightest lights.

⚡Reclaiming Divine Sovereignty and Unity Consciousness. Preserve your energy – digital detox, rest, sun gaze, hydrate. Presence is priceless.
We are steadfast in our mission to lead, support, and advocate for the personal and collective transformation through this great heart awakening. The old paradigm has shifted. New Earth is Now.With Love,
Jackie & Jessica


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