Se Habla Español
Se Habla Español

June 2021

Down to Earth Cosmic Connections  – June 2021
Thrive Tribe Collaborative’s newsletter is designed to serve as a resource for energy healing and wholistic perspectives. Our intention is to serve as heart-based catalysts for our personal and collective ascension journey.


Bless the Waters

Is programmable.
Is a conductor of energy.
Makes up over 70% of our bodies.
Represents our emotions.
Teaches to flow.
Takes the route of least resistance.
Finds it flow, no matter the form.
“Mni Wiconi” Lakota for “Water is Life”
Call to Action: Connect with your local bodies of water. Bless and/or pray over the water. Request it be purified and healing for all.


Embody Divine Wisdom 🌹
Jessica Xavier 


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