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Se Habla Español

May 2020

A New Earth

We are currently preparing for a new earth. Where you can choose to stand in fear and worry or love and light. When you stand in love and light it doesn’t dismiss what is going on in the world but helps you realize that by standing in your own sovereignty, you heal the world.

As we stand in our light, we up lift others and the world. Through the journey of healing ourselves, we heal the world. We are one. It is ok to be scared and experience anxiety in these challenging times. It is important to give way for those emotions to be expressed. There is a choice to be made- will we allow fear and worry to continue or will we stand in the power of our own sovereignty?

It is not about keeping low frequency energy away, but about transforming it. It is the moment to prepare for a new earth. The work we have done on ourselves is how we have prepared to stand in our light for a new beginning to heal and uplift Gaia and humanity. It is time.
– Anjely

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