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May 2021

Thrive Tribe Collaborative


The Aura
a luminous radiation

Featured definitions of AURA 
1: a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source 
3: an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being 
4: a luminous radiation : NIMBUS 
Source: Merriam Webster Dictionary 

You hold the key to actively pushing out your own energy fields to take a more active role in responding to lower vibrational energies and densities. We are each responsible for the energy that we emanate and its effects on others. 

Have you wondered what’s being sent and received through your auric field?

 Being in harmony requires awareness, self-discipline, and practice to decrease low frequency exchanges. 
The auric field can be expanded through imagining pure white light filling the  energetic space around the physical body. We have found conscious breathing, the spoken word, and visualization to be effective practices for cleansing and amplifying the aura. 

Movement may feel very natural also. Moving the arms out in flowing motions as if pushing energy outwards can help when we are beginning to expand and feel our auras. 
There is no one way to cleanse and expand the aura, this is an experiential practice. Take only what resonates and practice techniques that come naturally to you. After all, we are simply remembering our innate abilities.


From Worry to Wonder 🌹
Jessica Xavier 


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