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Nourish Your Body- July 2018

We are given a vessel to carry ourselves through this human incarnation without an instruction manual on how to use it. As we grow and develop, we nourish our vessels with nutrients to provide fuel to propel forward. We are given the tools (food) by our nurturers until a certain age until we have been given the option to make our own decisions about what we choose to put in our bodies. Through caring for ourselves, we experience different sensations through what we consume. With time, we learn of the fuel that our body thrives upon and what contributes to feeling dull.

We are told to take good care of our bodies, for health is wealth, but it can be challenging. We can become overwhelmed by the demands of the everyday routine that can exhaust us. We then overlook the type of fuel we choose to ingest even though our intuitive self knows we should eat a fresh meal vs. one on the go.

Every 35 days, your skin replaces itself.
Your body makes these new cells from the food that you eat.
What you eat is what you ultimately become.

Our solar plexus chakra, also referred to as the ‘seat of the soul’ is driven by intuitive energy of both the third eye and our gut. According to many research studies in the field of Psychology, our gut is referred to our ‘second brain.’ Not only is our skin’s health on the line here, but our brain health, and our spiritual health as well. If we are ingesting filthy fuel, our judgment can become cloudy and our intuition can weaken. When we don’t take care of our food choices, we can jeopardize our calling to live in our purpose. It’s almost as if our vessels (bodies) become a liability rather than our ally.

Just some food for thought.

We have some tools below to assist you with any steps you’d like to take to awaken your inner self and step into the life you deserve to live!