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Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe- December 2018

AHHH… The LAST MONTH of 2018 (a.k.a. the year of 2+0+1+8= 11)
WOW. What a year, huh? 

With Mercury in and out of Retrograde, Saturn in Capricorn, our friend Karma has been visiting us a great deal this year. On the flip side, is it us- or has this been an AWAKENING year?
In getting to know yourself, others, new places, foods, experiences?

Think about all the HARD WORK you put in to get yourself to

All the dreams you set aside and forgot you were creating…
are now manifesting. 

Take a second to sit in that. 

Remember those amazing moments you had the chance to experience this year.

Maybe there were some off days, and maybe they were your best teachers.  All that we experience is simply here to teach us.

Instead of asking yourself,
Why is this happening to me? 
asking ‘What is this here to TEACH ME?‘ 

Last month, we addressed LETTING GO of needing control; letting the subconscious take over and letting things get messy.
Unleashing yourself.

Notice how that is going for you. 

Are YOU taking time out in your week to be creative?

Are you remembering things that you used to enjoy that you have been wanting to get back into?

Take time with yourself to marinate in your creative juices. Be it 5-10 minutes or 1-2 hours/week.
It’s up to you.

The beauty of being a human being is that we can CREATE and bring ANYTHING WE WANT TO LIFE.  Whether it’s a frail plant, bringing another being into existence, an idea or dream, or a set aside vision.

We must visualize the reality that we want, to materialize it.

You begin to create more space for yourself, so you can understand the benefits of getting to know yourself on a deeper level.  You know that feeling when someone asks you, ‘What’s your secret?’ It’s not a beauty product or anything fancy, it is looking INward.

When was the last time YOU hung out with YOURSELF?
As you will begin to give yourself the time of day, others will begin to respect your time as well.

You musn’t be stopped by the F.E.A.R. 
Your guided path will appear if you allow space for it. Through your time, you will begin to raise your vibration. 

Your vibration stands as a reflection,
and all that is 
within YOU 
is all that will 
come out of YOU

You only attract what you are from within (people, experiences, words as reminders.) Energy in different forms.

Remember, your VIBE attracts your TRIBE.